Nikon D7000 Price for the Body only

I’ve looked throughout the internet and the most recent reports state the Nikon D7000 price, for the body only, start at $1,299 USD or approx. £1,099 in the UK or in Europe for €1189.

There are many notable benefits to the Nikon D7000. The main ones are the following:

– 16.2 Megapixels. (CMOS sensor, DX format, 6fps)
– ISO up to 6400 (can be maxed up to 25,600)
– 1080p full HD video. (24fps)
– Magnesium alloy construction (aka “pro quality”)

Based off current reviews one person stated the D7000 not only feels great overall, but it’s also fun to use. Because of the ease of use, taking amazing pictures came effortlessly. The same reviewer stated it feels “beefier than the D90” because it was faster and of better quality.

The D7000 isn’t just for the pros; it serves as a great go-to-camera for individuals from various professions like, wedding photographers, video crowd, concert attendee, photojournalist, etc. Nikon truly made a camera than is a win-win for anyone looking for easy amazing photos.

I would argue the ergonomics for the current cameras on the market are underrated and should, seriously, have more time spent on design. Thankfully Nikon has always taken this aspect into account and the D7000 is no exception. Nikon hit this one straight on. Just holding Nikon’s D7000 feels natural, as if it were an extension of oneself. Even the vertical grip feels great. As for taking video, the extra battery life has this covered, so you’ll be sure not to miss a moment.

Price is always an issue when making purchases. Fortunately at the price of under $900 for the Nikon D7000 price for the body, it’s pretty affordable for most people. I know a professional photographer who uses a high-end Nikon camera for her commercial freelancing work and she paid three times the price for a, in my opinion, lesser quality camera.

Another benefit to Nikon D7000 is the build-in exposure-metering sensor. This exposure-metering sensor has a much larger pixel count than any D-SLR camera previously released. By using its 2,016-pixel RGB sensor to read brightness and colors in scenes more accurately it’s a no-brainer why taking professional looking pictures comes with ease. Not to mention it only takes milliseconds prior to exposure for the D7000 to adjust the brightness, colors, auto focus, calculate i-TTL flash and white balance levels and deliver an amazing shot.

Nikon D7000 Body

Due to the D7000s increased pixels this Nikon is able to detect even smaller objects that are both stationary and moving. Also, the D7000 is more rugged than previous Nikons, thanks to its compact magnesium alloy body which also aids in keeping dust and moisture out! Many environmental tests have been used on this Nikon and because of the attention to detail where parts join, the D7000 is ready to fight the elements, making the Nikon D7000 ready for the great outdoors at life’s will.

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